Saturday, February 6, 2016

Second Grade Fruit and Vegetable Drawings

This project was inspired by two things, a beautiful painting by Miroco MachikoJapanese artist and illustrator and a healthy foods unit taught by our PE teacher and school nurse.  I loved the simple shapes and bright colors of this print and thought the children would love it as well.  I also showed them Artist photographer, Amber Locke's Geometric plant compositions of raw fruits and vegetables. 
We used coloring book pages of fruits and vegetables at first to draw so that we could focus on shape.  Once we went on to final copy paper I brought in some real food so that we could observe the different colors and textures.  The kids really enjoyed having the fruit and vegetables to look at.  We will hang these up in the hallway with some healthy eating tips.  Here are some photos of our inspiration pieces and some of the kids work.  You can see all of our artwork on the Artsonia site.