Saturday, October 20, 2012

Radial Symmetry

I love creating radial designs with my students.  This is a lesson that I saw awhile ago and always wanted to do with my students.   The Students created one section of their design using lines that connect to the sides of the shape and then traced them onto their remaining pieces.  I asked students to choose a color scheme for their designs.  We talked about warm and cool colors, primary and secondary colors, complementary colors and analogous colors.  While students were working on their designs we took turns using the Doodle Dandy app on the ipad.  This is a fun app that allows students to create all different kinds of radial designs.  You can change the pen size, color, and number of symmetry.  The kids loved it.  At the end of the lesson we used the ipads and the infuse learning website to review our knowlege of color schemes.  Infuse learning is an ipad student response system.  I love it because I can display an image onto my smartboard, ask my students questions and they can draw onto that image on the ipad to show me their understanding.  I projected a color wheel onto my smartboard and asked my students some questions like; circle the warm colors or put an X onto the primary colors.  The students had fun and I got to see what they learned about color.


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