Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Color Wheels and iPads

Third grade students had some fun learning about the color wheel and how to mix the secondary and intermediate colors.  First we used tempera paint in the primary colors to paint a color wheel.  I gave them a blank template for this.  Next, we used a variety of circles (yogurt and other types of covers) to create a design on 12x 18 paper.  We talked about overlapping, filling our space and having some of our shapes going off of the paper.  Students could also add a few ruler lines to break up the background if they wanted to.  A black crayon was used to trace the final design before painting.  We used watercolor paints to fill in the shapes.  I gave each student just the primary colors again and a check list with the secondary and intermediate colors on it.  Students had to mix all of the colors on the list for their paintings.  When the paintings were dry we attached the colors wheels using 3D O's.  
As a review we also played the color mixing game on the smart board and I also made a color quiz using Google Forms that students took at the end of the project.  Google forms is a great assessment tool. I'll share more about how we use this in class in another post.  

I found this great website on Pinterest about iPads in art that I found really interesting.  I loved the idea of editing a picture using multiple apps.  I had played around with it a little before and thought that this would be the perfect project to do it with.  I chose 6 apps for the kids to use.  They photographed their painting and then could use any of the apps in any order and combination to edit and change their photo. The six apps that were used are:  Etchings, Glaze, DistressedFX, Percolator, Tangled FX and Snapseed.  Each photo was saved to the camera roll and then all of the finished photos were saved in their Google accounts.  Here are some of our results.  Aren't they amazing?

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  1. Love the effects and the art! This was a very cool project. Better than an Andy Warhol!! Kids are very lucky to have you as their Art Teacher!!