Sunday, March 20, 2016

Color Mixing Fun Grade 1

I'm always looking for different ways to let my first grade students practice mixing colors.  The first day we talked about the primary colors and how we can use them to mix other colors on the color wheel.  I demonstrated how to mix colors using model magic clay, which the kids always think is so amazing, and a palette and watercolors.  I split the class up into groups.  Half of them practiced mixing with the paint and half of the class mixed with clay and then the two groups switched.    Some of the kids were even able to mix some of the intermediate colors.  I saved the colors we mixed with the model magic for the next class.  When the kids came in next time we used the model magic and tooth picks to create these colorful sculptures.  Some of the kids had a hard time getting their sculptures to stay up as they build but everyone still had a great time.  I'm not sure if they made it home in one piece but they definitely learned a lot about color mixing.

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