Saturday, June 15, 2013

Clay Initial Tiles

One of our last projects of the year and a great review of clay techniques.  The kids loved this project.  They could decorate the tile any way that they wanted; change the shape, press objects into the clay or add more clay.  The only requirement was that they had to add an initial.  It could be theirs, a friends, uppercase, lowercase, both initials, ect.  I wanted to give them lots of freedom to be as creative as they liked.  I think this was a great review in rolling coils, attaching clay and creating textures in clay.
They really turned out great.  I will definitely do this lesson again.


  1. These are great! Did the kids make their own small slabs? How big would you say these are? The glazes look excellent as well. Can you share the brand? THANKS!!

    1. I used a slab roller to roll out 6x6 tiles before class. We used Amaco underglazes and clear glaze on the bisque fired clay. I also rolled out extra 4x4 tiles and assigned kids a letter. When they were done I assembled them into a quote to hang in the art room. I replied to you comment earlier and am not sure if you got it or not. Please forgive me if you are getting this twice.

    2. Thanks, Kim!!! I appreciate knowing the size! And thank you for telling me about the glazes as well :)